A pictorial guide to the cultral references behind emojis

Oni. A Japanese ogre
Tengu. A Japanese goblin
See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil. The Sanzaru - 3 wise monkeys
Angry symbol found in anime and manga
Symbol for embarrassment, exasperation, or shock found in anime and manga
Batsu. A gesture meaning "no good"
A gesture meaning "ok"
Deep bow
Kadomatsu. Pine decoration placed outside homes to welcome spirits for a plentiful harvest
2 Japanese Imperial Dolls displayed on March 3 for Hinamatsuri (Doll's Day)
Koinobori. Carp-shaped wind socks flown in Japan to celebrate Children's Day on May 5
Furin. A wind bell made of glass
Japanese pampas grass, dango and the moon. For the Tsukimi moon festivals in autumn
Tree hung with good wishes for Tanabata, the Japanese Star Festival
Japanese kindergaten name badge
Japanese Mahjong tile
Green tea
Curry and rice
Bento box
Narutomaki (fishcake)
Onigiri (rice ball) wrapped in nori (seaweed)
Senbei (rice cracker)
Ramen noodles
Oden. Meal made of egg, fish cakes, radish and other ingredients
Dango. Popular sweet Japanese dessert on a stick
Purin(from "pudding"). Popular Japanese custard dessert.
Kakigori. Shaved ice dessert
Sweet potato often cooked in Japan around harvest time
Japanese post office
Japanese castle
Mount Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan
Japanese Bus Stop
Tokyo Tower, the 2nd tallest building in Japan, located in Minato, Tokyo
Shoshinsha. Mark that drivers in Japan must display for one year after receiving their licence
Red lantern hung outside an izakaya in Japan, a type of bar that also has small meals available
Onsen. Hot springs on maps in Japan
Moyai human rock carving from Easter Island & also a statue near Shibuya Station in Tokyo
Refers to a finger or toe pointing in a certain direction
Means "empty/available" Eg a vacant parking space
Means "full" Eg a full petrol tank
Means "agreement" or "unite"
Means "prohibit", "restrict", "forbid"
Means "a good bargain"
Means "cut prices"
Means "work" or "open for business"
Means "to own"
Means "to lack" or "have nothing"
Means "moon" or "month" in Chinese
Means "request" or "contact info" in Japanese, or "monkey" in the Chinese zodiac
Sa, one of the kana. Katakana are symbols that represent the syllables/moras of Japanese words
Means "here"
Means "accept"
Cherry blossom stamp used by teachers in Japan to mark school work that is of a high standard
Used in sheet music to show where a singer's part begins
Used like a hyphen in various Asian character sets
Means "secret"
Means "congratulations"
Symbolises kawaii (cute) in manga and anime